About Us

Fayette International Holdings Ltd ship operating company, established in 1998 to provide freight services in the dry bulk sector. We aim to provide competitive freight and shipping solutions to our clients with our strong regional network supported by our dedicated and professional team.

Our Services

We are primarily focused on providing freight services to global clients with special focus on ocean going transportation of dry bulk cargo, especially Coal, Iron Ore, Steels. Our services are divided into the four following categories:

Spot Freight
The client is usually a trading, manufacturing, mining, or importing/exporting company which requires freight cost for moving dry bulk cargo from loading point to discharging point but not willing to take the risk of chartering vessels, or in most cases, do not have the technical/commercial setup to carry out full time charter operations. Fayette provides them simple fixed freight solution so that client can hedge their freight risk with us.

Short to Long Term COA
In this scenario, our client has several shipments spread over time or places for which they require freight services. Fayette carefully collects all the data from the client and works out a freight solution to shield the client from the volatility of freight over a period of time. In turn, Fayette hedges its risk by having period tonnages, own fleet, or Freight Futures Derivatives contacts. This allows for a competitive fixed freight solution to offer to our clients, and COA can be performed without a risk of failure.

Dry Bulk Cargo

Coal (Steam Coal, MET Coke, PET Coke)
Pig Iron
Limestone, Bentonite
Steel Products (Steel Cole, Bilets, Rods)
Iron Ore (Finch, Lumps, Concentrate)

Our Fleets

Fayette offers reliable and competitive logistical shipping services from in-house and chartered tonnages. We are experienced with handling Handysize, Handymax, Supramax, Panamax and up to Capesize cargo, from loading to discharging.

Trade Route

Fayette is focused in providing our services within Black Sea shipping routes between Japan to Persian Gulf, including CIS and Red Sea areas. We are also involved in fronthaul and backhaul carges between the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans.